Follow The Herring on the way to The Minster


This looks like a really exciting event coming our way later in the month – a celebration of the fishing, singing, knitting and boat building traditions of the East Coast – Follow The Herring is part exhibition, part stage performance and tells the story of the herring Lassies who followed the fishing fleet down the East Coast every year, gutting, salting and kegging the catch. Tickets on sale now!

Stories, Sites and Spectacles


Are you interested in local history or the theatre? Would you like to be involved in a project that promises to unite the two and deliver something really special that the whole town can take a pride in? Well now you have the chance because Fusion Youth Theatre are recruiting volunteers who would like to be involved in their new project.

Stories, Sites & Spectacles is a BBC funded project, a partnership between Fusion Youth Theatre & Community Arts, The Grimsby Minster, The CultureHouse and Museums At Night, for local people to help work on, create, produce and perform a large piece of community theatre in and around the Grimsby Minster. The project is linked to the nationwide Museums At Night event which takes place in mid May. The performance will be based on the past, present and future of the town and the surrounding area.

Any residents of North East Lincolnshire are welcome to come and be a part of the project. Volunteers are needed to work as researchers, writers, directors, organisers, performers, storytellers, musicians, artists, costume makers, stage crew and much more! There is a role for everyone and no previous experience is necessary.

The performance will be lead by professional directors Louise Clark (Libellule Theatre) and Emma Middleton (Mizuchi Theatre), each of whom have created many youth and community theatre performances over the years both nationally and internationally.

But Louise and Emma are only the drivers of the project. The content, the story, the direction that the project takes, is completely down to the participants because Stories, Sites & Spectacles needs to be community theatre created and told by the community it represents.

The performance will be made up of two parts – one will be an outdoor spectacle performance and the second will be smaller indoor pieces which may include songs or storytelling.
The project began in mid February but the group are still welcoming new arrivals and this means not just individuals but also local groups, businesses and organisations who are interested in being represented.

If you’d like to know more about getting involved, contact the team on or telephone 07884 308992. You can also find them on or

The Power Of The Wok


It’s coming up for 8 years ago now that Chung Yeung opened the Oriental Express buffet in the former Bird’s Nest Cafe by the boating lake.

The new venture was an immediate hit, immensely popular with locals and holidaymakers alike, with its sleek modern interiors and wide range of delicious Chinese and Indian dishes.

Of course a lot of us dabble with Chinese cuisine at home but somehow it never tastes the same so we asked Chung to let us in on the secret of how to cook great Chinese food.

“That’s easy,” he said. “It’s fresh quality ingredients, care and attention to detail and the power of the wok. It needs to be so hot that when the ingredients hit the oil, the heat is sustained throughout the whole cooking process. In our kitchen we use fan assisted turbo gas woks for that special wok aroma.”

So there you go and in the absence of a turbo wok in our home kitchen we think that in future we’ll leave it to the experts and head down to Oriental Express for our stir fry. We’ll see you there.

Turner’s Butchers


John Turner’s butchers in St Peter’s Avenue is a local institution with its trademark green awning and the larger than life jolly butcher who stands on the pavement outside the shop. It’s famous not just for meat but also for bread and sandwiches and for its takeaway counter.

There have been Turners in the local butchery trade for four generations – it was in the early 1900s that J.H. Turner, the founder of the dynasty, opened his first shop on the corner of Welholme Road and Farebrother Street. The business in its present form was established by John Turner in the 1960s as a pork butchers and it was he who, faced with increasing competition from supermarket chains, had the idea of diversifying the business and who adopted the slogan ‘Butcher, Baker, Sandwich Maker’ (there being relatively little demand at the time for Candlesticks).

What really sets Turners apart however is of course their legendary Lincolnshire sausages, made to J.H. Turner’s original recipe with first class Lincolnshire belly pork, fresh sage and just the right amount of seasoning.

The exact recipe of course is a closely guarded secret and we don’t really have it but we do know that demand for these delicacies is rising so fast they are now made every day and they still sell out by mid afternoon so if you want some you’d best get there early!

Or alternatively you could take yourself down to our good friends Oriental Express for whom the Turner’s sausage is a fixture on the menu and consistently one of their best selling dishes.

Bringing The Story Of The Chums To Life

It’s not often we get to spend the day on a proper movie set so when we get an invitation to head up to Cabourne Parva to see the team from Focus 7 and the Grimsby Chums Heritage Project at work on their new film telling the story of The Grimsby Chums we don’t need asking twice.

Funded by a Heritage Lottery grant and organised by Synergy Grimsby CIC the project has involved young people from Grimsby aged 11-25 researching and recording their heritage in a project called ‘Your Country Needs Youth.’

The project aims to educate young people today about the impact of the war on towns like Grimsby and to bring the story to new audiences using modern digital media.
The film recreates scenes from the lives of five local lads who joined up to do their duty and to tell what befell them.

We have an exiting day. There’s a field hospital set up in the barn and a contingent of reenactment specialists in full uniform wandering around drinking tea. Later in the afternoon smoke bombs are deployed in a recreation of the Battle of The Somme.

There’s also a real sense of community – many of the young researchers who have been involved in the project from the start were visiting the set to witness their hard work coming to fruition accompanied by project chief Claire Wollington. Of course there’s a huge amount that the film can’t cover but Rob Smith, Director and Producer says he hopes the film will tell young people “Enough to make them want to ask more questions.”

The film will be shown at an exhibition on April 12th, 15th, 18th and 19th at Freeman Street Market’s Business and Digital Hub.

Issue 25 and we’ve given ourselves a make over!

Background Issue 25

This is the cover of Issue 25 of The Peoples and as you may have noticed we’ve given the dear old thing a bit of a wash and brush up. We’ve also moved to a new B5 format, slightly smaller than before (but we like to call it more handbag friendly), and gone up to 48 pages. The online edition is also changing – the link will be up soon. It’ll have lots of extra pages and features including galleries of photos from events we’ve attended with our cameras.

There’s a lot more to read in Issue 25 with features on the upcoming Jazz Festival, and C-FaB and on the new film about the Grimsby Chums from the Chums Heritage Project plus recipes and motoring and loads of listings and information about music, theatre and arts events on their way in our area.

So if you see Issue 25 on your travels pick it up and tell us what you think.

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