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Great Grimsby Community Choir Finds A New Home At St Marks Church

In recent years singing, especially choral singing, has become one of the most popular social activities in the UK, due in some part to increased television exposure but mostly, we think, thanks to the joy that raising one’s voice in song can create.

If you’ve got a hankering for flexing your vocal chords in the company of some like minded others then you might care to pay a visit to Great Grimsby Community Choir at their new home at St Mark’s Church on Laceby Road. They meet every Monday at 7.30pm and anyone aged 14 and over can join. There’s no audition all you need is enthusiasm. The fee is £4 per week.

They’re a friendly and inclusive group, meeting weekly, performing regularly and with a wide variety of material in their ever expanding repertoire.

For further information please contact musical director Josie Moon (pictured right) at

Fit To Party Halloween Style At Grimsby Auditorium


Fitness fanatics, dancercisers and martial artists are all invited to come on down to the Auditorium on Monday 30th October to join in with the Lincs Inspire Fit To Party charity event.

Those attending can expect fun, fitness, flashing lights and a party atmosphere in the three gigantic group exercise classes and on the eve of Halloween, fancy dress is optional, but it would be great for people to get into the spirit and make this the spookiest Fit To Party yet!

You can get fighting fit from 6pm to 6.40pm in a high energy Body Combat class then join in some hip swirling Zumba from 6.45pm to 7.25pm. From 7.30pm to 8.10pm get the glow sticks out for Clubbercise and have fun getting fit with an easy to follow dance workout.

The classes cost £2 for one class, £3 for two classes or £5 for all three classes and funds raised from the event will be split equally between The Health Tree Foundation and the Lincs Inspire Charitable Trust.

Grimsby Leisure Centre’s changing and showering facilities will be available to use following the event.

To book call in to a leisure centre or contact Lincs Inspire on:
Grimsby Leisure Centre: 01472 323500
Cleethorpes Leisure Centre: 01472 323200.

New Sculpture Unveiled At St Martins

Fusion Creative have now been based at St Martin’s Church on Scartho Road for more than a year and as part of the Pilot Project, Lincs Inspire committed funding towards the production of an original piece of artwork to celebrate their moving into their new home.

Our picture shows the unveiling of the finished piece, created by artist Vivienne May. Titled ‘The Sharing’ it is a representation of the story of St Martin who was famous for his acts of compassion to people outside of the mainstream of ordinary society. On seeing a beggar freezing by the road, he tore his own cloak in two, keeping enough of the garment to protect himself from the bitter weather and giving the beggar protection as well.

Vivienne’s sculpture represents this gesture of sharing, compassion and concern for others’ well being.

The Fusion Creative project at St Martin’s has the principles of sharing and reaching out to the community at its heart and the sculpture is intended to reflect those values. The artwork now stands proudly in the entrance of St Martin’s and is a beautiful reminder of the compassion and care demonstrated to others and its importance to our community and wider society.

For more information about activities at St Martin’s go to or find them on Facebook.

New green vehicles show the way forward for the NELC fleet

NE Lincs Council have reaffirmed their commitment to being a low carbon county and taken steps to keep council taxes down by taking delivery of eleven new Nissan eNV200 electric vehicles. We went down to Peoples Park to see them and find out what makes them special.

The vehicles, which cost around £17,000 each following the receipt of government grants, will be used by the NELC Security, Neighbourhood Services and Vulnerable Children departments and are so quiet they’ve had to be fitted with audible warnings so that pedestrians can hear them coming.

With a range of over one hundred miles on a single charge they’ll help to cut local air pollution while taking advantage of the greening of the national grid to become increasingly environmentally friendly over the course of their lifetimes.

They’re cheap to run too, costing only £300 in fuel to cover 10,000 miles, compared to £1500 for their diesel counterparts and they’re expected to be much cheaper to maintain because there are no moving parts under the bonnet. With bigger payloads and longer projected life spans they should be a big improvement all round on the present fleet.

Councillor David Watson, portfolio holder for environment, said: “These new vehicles are much more cost effective than those that we currently operate, and they fit in with the Council’s vision for a low carbon North East Lincolnshire. The Council will put these vehicles to the test, ensuring that they can fulfil the requirements of our day-to-day operations, before potentially looking at the eNV200 as a replacement for the rest of the aging diesel fleet.”

The vehicles will be out and about soon so keep your eyes (and ears) open for them and it is hoped that they will make a big contribution towards achieving the goals the Council has set itself with its RenewNEL programme to make NE Lincs a national centre for energy efficiency and renewables.

Chief Execs Taking On The London Marathon For The YMCA

The London Marathon will take place on April 24th this year and if you’re a keen armchair sports fan you’ll probably be watching along with most of the rest of the country, admiring the spectacle and the fancy dress and of course the efforts of the runners.

This year there’ll be a special local reason for watching because among the competitors from our area will be Malcolm Smith, chief executive of YMCA Humber and Rob Walsh, chief executive of North East Lincolnshire Council who will be running with a team to raise money for YMCA Humber.

They’re both keen runners but while Rob, who is also the man responsible for the Dong Energy 10k race, (it’s on July 30th this year and entries are open) has run the marathon before this will be Malcolm’s first effort at the 26 plus mile distance.

So best of luck to both and we’ll keep an eye open for you on The Mall.

If you’d like to sponsor the YMCA team at the London Marathon or make a donation then go to

YMCA Humber Sleep Easy 2017

It’s Friday evening in Freshney Place. The customers and shop staff have gone home. The shutters have been lowered. The builders have shut down for the night. Everywhere is quiet.

Everywhere other than Level 6 of the West Car Park that is. There it’s a hive of activity, the empty building echoing to the sound of unfurling duct tape and the vigorous folding of carboard as more than seventy volunteers work to construct their accomodation for the night from boxes and plastic sheeting. And although they’re under the cover of a roof there are big open windows on all sides so it’s still pretty cold. Certainly not a place you’d choose to stay the night without a very good reason.

Welcome to the YMCA Humber’s Sleep Easy 2017.

The Sleep Easy began in 2011 and has raised more than £125,000 for the YMCA and other charities in that time. At the time of writing £4,000 has been collected from this year’s event and there’s lots more on the way. If you’d like to donate then there are contact details overleaf.

This is the fourth year that Freshney Place has played host to the event. Food and drink has been generously provided by Tesco. But it’s still going to be a tough old night and when we visit there are some serious construction projects underway.

There’s a wide variety of styles of build on show, from the simple but effective Toblerone favoured by bank manager Simon Smith (a veteran of four Sleep Easys) through stockades that look as if they were designed to repel nocturnal ambush rather than keep out the cold. At one end of the car park a magnificent nine person bivouac has been constructed by a team from Rotaract, while several others feature silver foil, neat windows and even eviction notices.

Everyone looks like they’re enjoying themselves but there’s also a commendable seriousness about the event. Talking to some of the participants I get an idea of how serious people are about this project and how committed to working to eliminate the suffering caused by homelessness.

Simon Smith explains that it’s the raising of money and awareness that motivates him to spend the night in the cold while mother and daughter team Louise Zaremba and Augustine Harsent stress that homelessness is an issue that everyone should care about because it could happen to anyone.

Jonathan Byrne, YMCA Humber’s Events and Marketing Lead explains why the Sleep Easy is so important.

“The support for Sleep Easy has been incredible over the past six years but regrettably the problem of youth homelessness is one that is worsening. Rising rents, a lack of affordable housing and welfare support cuts mean that it is increasingly hard for young people to thrive in independent living. We house over a hundred young people each night of the year and without places like YMCA, they would have nowhere to live.”

“As a YMCA, it is our dream to one day be able to build a multipurpose campus style project that provides all the opportunities that young people need to belong, contribute and thrive in their local community and with the support of the public and businesses through events like Sleep Easy, we believe that we can turn that dream into reality.”

You can find more information about Sleep Easy and the work of YMCA Humber by visiting For further information call Jonathan Byrne on 01472 359 621 or email

Meeting The Candidates For The UK Youth Parliament Elections at Grimsby Town Hall

It seems like barely a day goes by these days without a news story about bad things done by young people, so it’s refreshing to hear a good news story from time to time and when we received an invitation to go to Grimsby Town Hall to meet the candidates for the role of our area’s representative in the UK Youth Parliament and their deputies we jumped at the chance.

The UK Youth Parliament has more than 360 members, elected in annually throughout the UK. Any young person aged 11-18 can stand or vote. In the past two years one million young people have voted in UK Youth Parliament elections.

Once elected MYPs organise events and projects, run campaigns and influence decision makers on the issues which matter most to young people. All MYPs have the opportunity to meet once a year at the UK Youth Parliament Annual Sitting where members come together to take part in workshops, debate, create and change national manifesto policy, and network. It takes place on a university campus over three days. The event includes keynote speeches from political figures, followed by question and answer sessions.

In our area there are three teams, each made up of a candidate and a deputy, standing for election and they’ll be voted on by students at local schools and colleges. Our picture shows the candidates and deputies on the Town Hall staircase.

Each team has a set of issues on which they are campaigning including the incorporation of Curriculum For Life, (which involves life skills, finance and politics) into the schools’ syllabus, access to reasonably priced transport for young people, and issues related to body image.

According to Pippa Curtin, Voice and Influence Practitioner at the NELC Young People’s Support Service, “The UK Youth Parliament has been enabling young people to have their voices heard at a national level since 2000. It is an amazing opportunity for young people to engage in politics and democracy, whether they are standing to be elected or voting for the team they would like to represent young people. The team elected will start their 2 year term in March 2017 and will have the opportunity to represent young people from North East Lincolnshire through regional conventions an annual sitting an annual ballot on issues important to young people and debates held in the House of Commons every year.”

Regardless of which team wins the election we’d like to wish them all the best for the future and we’ve no doubt that, one way or another, they’re all headed for success. If you’d like to find out more about the United Kingdom Youth Parliament in North East Lincolnshire contact Pippa Curtin at


If you’d like to be part of a fantastic charity event over the May Day Bank Holiday weekend (Saturday April 29th to Monday May 1st) you’ll be delighted to hear about The Mayor’s Charity Challenge which was announced this week at the Town Hall and promises a weekend of exercise, fun and physical challenges, covering the whole borough from Immingham to Wold Newton and all points between.

Plans for the challenge were outlined by the Mayor of North East Lincolnshire, Councillor Christina McGilligan-Fell, at the Town Hall on Monday afternoon, (9th January 2017), and it certainly looks like being a terrific programme.

Setting out from the Meridian marker in Cleethorpes, the Mayor will cycle the length and breadth of the borough, accompanied by a team of helpers and performing challenges along the way. Challenges will be set by local individuals and businesses and if you’ve got any ideas then the organisers would love to hear from you.

Along the way there’ll be plenty of opportunities to raise money for vital local charities, including the Nidd Diabetes Fund (established in memory of local jeweller John Nidd) and the Cat Zero programme, as well as raising awareness of the important issues surrounding both causes and, of course, the health and lifestyle benefits of cycling.

ges, accompanied by their new mascot, Scrubs the Bear.

There’ll also be a Go Ride session for kids at St Hugh’s Hospital and a young people’s biathlon at St James School, and additionally community groups along the route are being encouraged to organise events to celebrate the weekend, including offering refreshments or setting challenges for the Mayor and her team to complete.

Speaking at the launch the head of St James’ School, Dr John Price said that North East Lincolnshire is a fantastic area for cycling and running and that the event will help raise awareness of the joys of cycling on the Wolds and bring people into the area.

The event has a fundraising target of at least £10,000 and the Mayor explained the importance of the two charities which are close to her heart.

“I feel that we have a responsibility to do more”, she said. “I want this event to help bring the community together and to be a success for everyone. I would like it to be a part of the legacy of my year as Mayor”.

If you’d like to get involved with the Mayor’s Charity Challenge contact Grimsby Town Hall or phone 01472 324109.

All Aboard For The Flying Scotsman

flying scot

There’s an exciting day in prospect at Cleethorpes Station on Saturday 11th June when 60103 Flying Scotsman, one of the most iconic locomotives in railway history, steams into town to pull a train full of enthusiasts to Newcastle and Morpeth.

Built in 1923 and designed by Sir Nigel Gresley for the LNER, the engine left the factory in 1923 and was named after the London to Edinburgh service. In 1934 she was clocked at 100mph, officially the first locomotive in the UK to have reached that speed.

Steam locomotive 4472 arrives to cheers from waiting crowds.
Steam locomotive 4472 arrives to cheers from waiting crowds.

Newly restored and repainted in her BR colours Scotsman will leave Cleethorpes Station at 7.30am and pass through Grimsby Town Station at about 7.40am. All seats sold out long ago unfortunately but the engine will still make a fabulous sight for train lovers of all ages.

If you’d like to ride on a future Flying Scotsman event you can find details at and there’s also a fantastic programme of Scotsman related events running throughout the year at the National Railway Museum in York – far too many to mention here so go to and remember to check which days the engine will be on show.

A Glorious Festival Of Flowers At St Peter’s Church

St Peters

St Peter’s Church in Cleethorpes is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year and to mark the occasion they’ve organised a series of events including a marvellous Flower Festival which we were fortunate enough to visit this week.

The celebrations will also include an exhibition by the Great Grimsby Family History Group, which runs from June 8th-17th and features exhibits drawn from local registers of births, marriages and deaths. There are two visits from Dr Alan Dowling who will be giving a talk entitled How Cleethorpes Became A Seaside Resort on June 8th and reading from The Young Visiters By Daisy Ashford on June 15th. Both events are at 2pm.

June also marks the return of the popular St Peter’s concerts which begin on June 10th with young musicians from Thrunscoe Academy playing the cello, singing and Samba drumming and continue through to late August, every Friday from midday until 1pm with a mixture of jazz and classical and even some ukulele music.

Visit the church website at for more details and many thanks to everybody at the church who was so helpful when we visited.