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Could you run a Ron-a-thon? ALL SET FOR THE MAYOR’S CHALLENGE 2018

Are you fit enough to face a 12-hour, non-stop exercise challenge in the name of charity?

Local Mayor for North East Lincolnshire, Councillor Ron Shepherd, has this week launched his Mayor’s challenge – an annual project set up by the incumbent Mayor to raise money for his or her chosen charities.

This year, Councillor Shepherd has chosen to host and take up the challenge of a 12 hour ‘Ron-a-thon’ of non-stop exercise to raise funds for his charities, Linkage and the Carers Support Service.

The challenge, which will run from 7am to 7pm on Friday 2 April 2018, is open to the public to spectate or join in.

The Worshipful, the Mayor of North East Lincolnshire, Councillor Ron Shepherd, said:

“I’m really looking forward to this Mayor’s challenge – I think it’ll be a tough one though. I hope that lots of people from all walks of life come along and get involved in any way they can – even if they can only do fifteen minutes or so on a treadmill. It’s all for two good local causes. All people have to do is gather sponsorship and commit to doing a length of time, and then turn up at Grimsby Town Hall on the day and complete their challenge.”

“I would like to thank Lincs Inspire for providing the machines – treadmills, rowing and cycling machines – for the challenge. If anyone wants to host their own Ron-a-thon on the day at a location that suits them, then they are more than welcome to do so, and if possible I will come along and visit and get involved.”

To find out more about this year’s Mayor’s Challenge, contact Tracy Frisby or Paul Wisken on 01472 314101 or



In 2012 the Cleethorpes Carnival Parade was officially over. Funding had disappeared and it looked as though the event would be consigned to history. Fortunately Young’s Seafoods had other ideas and they stepped in and rescued the event and the past few years have seen the parade go from strength to strength. We spoke to Marina Richardson, Marketing Controller at Young’s Seafoods about their role in saving the carnival.

How long have you been involved with the Carnival?
I’ve been with the team since Young’s started to support it in 2013.

How did the Young’s link up with the carnival come about?
The carnival began in the 1970s and is part of Cleethorpes and Grimsby’s heritage. At Young’s we believed that the carnival was vitally important to the local community and we didn’t want to see it end because of a lack of funding. So we decided that we would step in and support the event and in doing so we would be giving back something to the community that has been our home for many years.

How have people responded to Young’s as carnival sponsors?
We have had some great feedback and had nearly 100 entries last year with around 30,000 coming out to enjoy the carnival. People come from all around the country to visit the carnival and local people look forward to it every year so we’re delighted that we are able to be a part of it.

Was the Carnival an important part of your childhood?
I lived in Yorkshire but I remember coming to Cleethorpes for the Jubilee and watching the carnival. We had a wonderful day and it’s been a fond and abiding memory.

What is your role in the planning process?
I help co-ordinate the Young’s support. We start planning in August for the following year. There is a team of twelve at Young’s plus the Clee Events team and around a further 60 Young’s employees and their families come and help on the day.

What is your favourite memory of last year’s carnival?
I was on the Young’s float with my 10 year old son who had a fantastic time! Just seeing everyone waving and looking happy, really enjoying the atmosphere of the carnival was amazing. It’s brilliant seeing the whole community come together and have a fun filled day.

What are you looking forward to most this year?
Hopefully even more people supporting and enjoying the carnival – plus we’ve got some amazing surprise acts planned this year! It’s going to be very special indeed so keep watching out for further news nearer the date!

This interview appears in The Peoples Issue 34 Web Edition

Cleethorpes Carnival Diary #1 – Leanor Pidgen

IMG_0025 copy

It might still seem like winter hasn’t quite departed but plans are already far advanced for Cleethorpes Carnival 2015 which takes place on Saturday 18th July, and that means a busy time for Carnival organiser Leanor Pidgen. Despite her hectic schedule Leanor found some time to chat to The Peoples and tell us about what goes into organising an event of this magnitude, what’s in store for this year and what the Carnival means to her.

Leanor Pidgen has for many years been a pillar of the Cleethorpes community, tirelessly volunteering for local groups and organisations including the Girls Brigade, the Haverstoe Park committee, the Duke of Edinburgh Awards organisation and many others. She is also governor at three schools and thanks to her many hours spent helping to organise and run the Cleethorpes Carnival with sponsors Young’s Seafood, she is often described as the face of the Carnival!

In the run up to this year’s Carnival, which takes place on Saturday 18th July, Leanor will be writing a fortnightly diary to give us a glimpse of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes of this wonderful community event!

First Leanor told us about her own history with the Carnival.

“I have had so many connections with it, from my children entering the first year it started to my son organizing it when he worked for Cleethorpes Council”.

However, she explained, in 2012 the Carnival’s future looked uncertain, “I had exhausted all avenues in looking for funding and eventually we had to take the tough decision that 2012 would be the last ever parade. As I watched the floats for what I thought would be the very last time it was hard not to have tears in your eyes”.

But much to everyone’s surprise and delight the Carnival was rescued, Leanor explains,

“To my astonishment three weeks later I had a call from Young’s Seafood Limited asking if we could meet with them. They offered to sponsor us and more than that, we met a wonderful group of people who were so enthusiastic and wanted to support the parade and to put more back into the community.

It was wonderful to know the parade had this kind of support! And ever since then the partnership between Young’s Seafood and the Cleethorpes Carnival has thrived!”

We asked Leanor how she was feeling about the upcoming Carnival.

“I’m really looking forward to this year’s Carnival. I always have, since it started 40 years ago, but I think this will be one of the best ever. I have so many memories and I still love seeing the reaction on the children’s faces when they see all the colour, noise and bustle of the parade.

This year we have so many exciting things planned, with amazing new acts and a few old favourites coming to join in the celebration, I really can’t wait!”

So that’s a date to put in your diary then and between now and then we’ll keep you up to date with all the news about Carnival 2015!

Cleethorpes Carnival can be contacted via or through their Facebook page

This feature is from The Peoples Issue 33 Web Edition.