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Golf captains raise thousands for local hospital wards

It’s a proud tradition at Cleethorpes Golf club that each year the captain and lady captain choose a charity to raise money for during the year and this year the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and the Pink Rose Suite are the beneficiaries of the club’s fundraising activities.

The club’s charity day raised £6,972 which was split equally between the two departments at the Diana, Princess of Wales hospital and Captain Glenn Wishart, lady captain Susan Colvin and chairman Liz Stones presented the cheques.

Susan said: “As a local golf club, we wanted the money to go to a local charity. We all know family and friends who have been treated at the Pink Rose Suite so it’s close to my heart. Just like the neonatal unit is close with Glenn’s. It feels really nice to be able to help.”

Breastcare survivorship clinical nurse specialist Susan Cooper, who works on the Pink Rose Suite, said: “We have so many patients and the amount of patients who will benefit from this type of charitable donation is huge.”

Glenn’s grandchild was cared for by the NICU team and he chose to donate his half of the funds to that department for that reason. Glenn and Susan presented the cheque to NICU ward sister Emma Spicer.

Emma said: “There have been different types of equipment we have been looking at recently including new cots for babies that are height adjustable, breathing machines, breast milk pumps and we are looking to get some new breastfeeding chairs.”

Community champion for The Health Tree Foundation Laura Gooderham, said: “Thank you so much to Susan and Glenn for having the hospital in their thoughts when choosing who to raise money for. The donations really do go a long way to improve the services we offer to patients. We really appreciate such a generous donation and it’s comforting to know clubs and organisations are supporting their local hospital.”

For more information on supporting your hospital, contact Laura on 03033 304514 or email at

Acclaimed Banjo Player Dan Walsh Headed To Barton Ropery

Dan Walsh

Acclaimed Banjo Player Dan Walsh Headed To Barton Ropery

Acclaimed as one of the finest banjo players in the UK as well as being a superb singer, songwriter and guitarist, Dan Walsh has three critically acclaimed solo albums to his credit and his new album Incidents And Accidents is receiving excellent reviews. He’s playing Barton Ropery Hall on Saturday April 30th as part of the Dan Walsh Trio.

“Having made his name as half of the duo Walsh and Pound and as a member of the award winning Urban Folk Quartet, as well as making guest appearances on stage and on record with the Levellers and Seth Lakeman, this unique and eclectic musician has thrilled audiences across the world,” said Mick Harding of Mad Dog Folk.
“His wide ranging and innovative approach has led to many exciting collaborations alongside his solo work and the Urban Folk Quartet including tours with Northeast concertina legend Alistair Anderson and recent work with sensational Indian sarangi player Suhail Yusuf Khan as well as Canadian country singer Meaghan Blanchard”.

Walsh’s banjo playing has been described by Radio 2 as second to none on the UK scene while Folk Radio describes his music as a perfect blend of breathtaking playing and a gift for telling a story.
Dan also retains a passion for outreach work and through the prestigious Live Music Now scheme has performed throughout the UK in hospices, hospitals, special schools and care homes as well as teaching banjo both in person and over skype.


Tickets are £13 in advance or £15 on the door and can be purchased at, in person at the Craft Gallery or by calling 01652 660380.

This article also features in The Peoples Issue 41 Web Edition

Johnny Is A Stiff


Tracey Edges visits Anarchy Entertainments’ inaugural Anarchy Fest at The Yardbirds.

There’s something ‘bout you baby, I like. At least, this Girl About Town likes the Yardbirds Club. It’s off the less salubrious end of Freeman Street but don’t worry about that – there are plenty of big butch bikers to make you feel perfectly safe. I was able to easily park on Church Street, itself and if you need a taxi home there’s a taxi office just at the bottom of the road. Only 2 minutes away, even if you are zig-zagging by that point. On Saturday 27th June, Yardbirds played the part of convivial host to: Johnny Is A Stiff – Anarchy Fest 2015. A veritable feast of an ear-cleansing punk fest.

Promoter Anarchy Entertainment is headed by the lovely, helpful, and very popular, Ross Stark who does a great job.

As the first band kicked off at 5.40pm, it was fairly unlikely that I was going to make it and, unfortunately I didn’t. I totally missed Dead Dads who were billed as ‘Grimsby’s very own, no nonsense punk rock’ and, rather disappointedly, rocked up just in time to catch the final song from Not Tonight and the Headaches. From what I heard of the catchy, pop-punk “Goodbye Kiss”, I would have liked to have heard more.

Next up were The Reverends, from Derby, who, according to Anarchy are: “Unashamedly old school punk that’s hard hitting, honest, and in your face with a fast growing reputation for catchy songs that tell the world exactly how it is.”

Frank Strident, on lead vocals could have been the bloke from down the local allotment, when he went from army jacket to grey trousers, red braces and white vest. I wouldn’t want him in my face though if he was holding a rake! It was a bit like watching Die ‘Ard, though the vest didn’t last long either. Saying that if you’re covered in tattoos you probably do want to show them off. With tracks from their album, “the New Addicted,” Frank lived up to his name with strident, raspy vocals and he was backed up with hard unrelenting guitar. Fast paced, snarly and in your face. Definitely old school punk , maybe falling somewhere between the Sex Pistols and the Damned. With catchy tracks such as “Take The Money And Run” and harder more frenetic songs, it was a well balanced set, that was performed out, making The Reverends firmly on my to-see-again list.

They were followed by Vanilla Pod, a five piece, ska-punk band from Kings Lynn, Norfolk, who have been together since 1995.

“You Wanna Rock n Roll? Let’s Party” and they did. The first song of the set was Saturday Night. I didn’t know this track but by the end of it I felt that I did.

Bassists are usually fairly somnolent in their demeanour but the Vanilla Pod’s one was the opposite – he was enthusiastically all over the place. They had been ribbing him about being from Cambridge and being a bit health shoppy. The way he was moving I think he’d been on the quinoa!

I liked the band, the banter and the attitude but wasn’t familiar with the songs and it would have been better to have had some familiarity to distinguish the tracks. One had a great title though: Deaf Lugs! With 5 albums to their name Vanilla Pod have plenty for the new listener to discover and a quick flick through the albums shows a variance of style and plenty to get to know.


Next up – The Franceens who I had recently seen when they supported the Talks at the Matrix, Grimsby. I really like this explosive, garage band, from York, and a fair few tracks were now recognisable so I probably enjoyed this outing even more than the first time.

With only Dan Oliver Gott on lead vocals and guitar, Naomi Westerman on backup vocals and bass and Miles “Les” Morrison on drums, they manage to make an incredible, but coherent, racket. Dan said “Only Motorhead are louder!” The initial stand out tracks for me were Pledge, which happened to be the first song that they wrote as a band, and Attack, about nuclear war. Try is a good example of how the to and fro vocals of Dan and Naomi complement each other. They have a preppy, Beach Boys, retro sound which is overlaid with a more frantic punk rhythm.

The Franceens have a frenetically lively, tinged with madness, set which makes them a band that you really need to see live. Buy the music, get to know it and then lose yourself in one of their performances. They are one of those rare bands that you could see on a regular basis and keep on enjoying. The Franceens have a self-titled 4-track ep which as well as Try also comprises the tracks: Wish, Stone and Alarm. All strong which keep up the energetic pace held together by the crashing drum work.



Dan and Naomi are huge supporters of indie bands and local talent. They got fed up seeing the same old, same old by dull promoters, whose only passion was fiscal, and set up a non-profit organization, called ‘Behind The White Door’. They put on weekly shows for underground bands to give them a chance to play in York as it can be hard for people to get shows in that city, unless they have a mega-bucks management label, a serious online presence or are prepared to pay-to-play (don’t get me going on that one…) They work with rock and roll and garage/punk bands. The first night was in May 2013 and since then have built up a reputation for great nights with a friendly atmosphere. From August 2013, BTWD events became exclusive to The Fulford Arms pub which they now term the home of the real rock and roll underground. Information can be found about, Behind The White Door and the events by going to and all else Franceens is at

Following on from The Franceens were a duo, from Leeds and Guilford, Love Buzzard, whose noise argued against The Franceens claims of being next loudest to Motorhead! For two people they were LOUD and I have rarely been so fascinated with a drummer. For a start, Al Brown looked like he had escaped fresh out of a series of The Sweeney and just did not stop beating the hell out of that kit. I’m not sure where all that sweat went but there was plenty of it!


I have to admit that these weren’t for me, on a first listen (hold on, hold on – read to the end…) and I did start to zone out. Nothing to do with them though, just my personal taste and probably as they followed on from the Franceens. However, they seemed to go down well with the audience. To use a highly technical term the vocals of Kevin Lennon were too waaaaah-shouty for me. Saying that, I felt that there was something about them and there were hints of the less-psyche-o-pathic which made me prick up my ears. Did a bit of Led Zeppelin creep in there?

On the other hand, combine their music with their videos and my interest is ramped up. A new single release in July 2015, Cash, is a great mad watch, directed by Youth Hymns and illustrated by Russell Taysom, it is a colourful clash of real and cartoon. Insane brilliance. Cash is from the Love Buzzard’s debut album, Antifistamines, released 7th August.

After enjoying the video I had a listen to their Soundcloud page and really like “Showtime” but with titles such as Heaven’s Got An Electric fence, Pop Tart (a good example of Love Buzzard’s signature diiiirty guitar here), and Guns Before Butter you want to investigate further. I found the more I listened the more I liked them. I think live you probably lose some of the more subtle nuances and you get more detail from a recording. There is a lot to find interesting here – you just have to find your way in sometimes and it was the video for cash that opened the door for me.

I don’t think that I will be zoning out next time…


The Penultimate band were one that has been highly recommended to me so I was looking forward to seeing them. I like a band with humour and Wonk Unit has humour in spades. Wonk Unit are fun with no arsey attitude. I hate to say this but, with Alex’s vocals, and the glint in his eye, I kept getting reminded a bit of ‘Jilted John’ and “Depressed” reminded me of a more sweary, John Otway, but I’ll swiftly pass on from that as Wonk Unit are definitely their own, almost, ‘genre’.

Their songs are stories. Day-to-day stories with the quirky Wonk Unit spin to them and some punk poetry thrown in for good measure. They don’t sugar coat though and maybe a few people squirmed when they played their single, Je M’appelle Alex, with lyrics such as “Things were going so well until you asked me for guest list and I said sorry I don’t speak English… Je M’appelle Alex. Do I look rich??? And I would love to indulge your ego but suddenly you appear dead to me…”


Be warned!

The most recent Wonk Unit album is Nervous Racehorse and, among others, were played “Nan”, “Lewisham”, one of my favourites, and I have to admit to rather liking “I Love My Nagging Wife”. I tried hard not to but it is hard to resist this band so I just laughed instead and kept in the spirit. Plasterer, from the 2013, Muffy album was also a stand out track.

Head to where you will find plenty of Wonk-music and also seek them out on You Tube as, well, I’ll just say that their videos are of the same level as their music. Enjoy.

Finally and FINALLY, I got to see Immingham’s own blues-punk, love-child of AC/DC and The Ramones: Ming City Rockers. I’ve seen them flitting about gigs, watching other bands, like black-clad Dementors (as in they have a swooping presence and distinct image, but they do the absolute opposite to sucking life out of the dark places that they inhabit). Up to now I have never actually seen them play. That can be a pain and lead to disappointment. Thankfully I wasn’t disappointed and thoroughly enjoyed the whole set.

I already feel that I am listening to classic Ming tracks that in 20 years time (hopefully!) I will still be listening to on their Greatest Hits album. ‘Get Outta Your Head’, ‘Twist It’ and “I Wanna Get Out Of Here But I Can’t Take You Anywhere” (my favourite track/brilliant title) all come under this heading.

With their strong image and masses of attitude they, along with other favourites, Barb Wire Dolls, embody the renaissance of real punk – the good old school stuff. They don’t give a toss, they are wired and, most of all, they are damn good. Listen to them online, watch their videos on You Tube and buy their records.

Ming City Rockers are: Clancey Jones – Guitar & Vocals & Harmonica, Morley Adams – Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals, Jakki Walsh – bass and Wan Marshall – Drums

Someone buy Ross Stark a few drinks for putting that lot together on one stonking, loud, adrenalin-busting bill.

Excellent night.

Tracey Edges is an artist, writer and presenter. Her website is at and she can also be found on Facebook and at Siren radio

This review appears in The Peoples Issue 35 Web Edition

California Drumming For Humber Taiko


There are exciting times ahead for Taiko drummers Emma Middleton and Lisa Oliver as they head across the pond in April for three weeks of intensive training as the official holders of the St Hugh’s Arts Award 2014, from The St Hugh’s Foundation.

They will travel to California to work with the renowned San Jose Taiko, receiving lessons, composition training and consultation from San Jose Taiko’s founders PJ and Roy Hirabayashi. They will also study in LA with Kris Bergstrom of the LA Taiko Institute.

Emma and Lisa plan to bring their new skills back to Gyoko Taiko which is part of their larger regional organisation Humber Taiko, by offering advanced training and high quality professional performances.

The award is a major achievement and their St Hugh’s mentor Elaine Munson of Abbey Walk Gallery paid tribute to them as she explained why they had been chosen to receive the award.

“Emma and Lisa have great passion and enthusiasm in all they do and are blessed with creative talents which they willingly share with others. It was refreshing to hear them enthuse about Grimsby and its community with whom they work tirelessly. Humber Taiko is dedicated to providing an enjoyable and professional programme of events for people of all ages and abilities to take part in. They are ambitious in their outlook and we believe that the award will enable them to create a centre of excellence for Taiko drumming in NE Lincolnshire.”

Originating in Japan, Taiko drumming uses a mixture of percussion, voice and choreography to create stunning live performances.

Emma and Lisa have spent more than 5 years developing Taiko drumming across the Humber Region and have groups in Scunthorpe and Grimsby with additional projects ongoing in schools and community centres both north and South of the Humber bridge. To find out more about what they do and how you can join in visit, email, look on Facebook at HumberTaiko or ring 07742 980106.


Humber Taiko’s website is here They are also on Facebook

This feature also appears in The Peoples Issue 33 Web Edition

Harold Gosney: A Retrospective @ The Muriel Barker Gallery


Harold Gosney: A Retrospective
@ the Muriel Barker Gallery in the Fishing Heritage Centre
reviewed by Gill Hadwin

Harold Gosney studied at Grimsby School of Art from 1954 and moved on to the Slade School two years later. He returned to teach at the Grimsby School of Art in 1960 and that was when his interest in sculpture began. He retired in 1992 and moved to York to continue his career as a sculptor. His work is on display in the cathedrals of York, Ripon and Chester.


Ever since we opened Abbey Walk Gallery in 2008 we have been intrigued by the reliefs displayed on the walls of the multi-storey car park which faces our premises – the one with the spiral exit. Indeed, we see and admire them every day and often find ourselves pointing them out and talking about them to our visitors.

The Abbey Walk multi-storey was built in the 1970s. This was a golden era in Grimsby, when architects and town planners worked with artists to create a number of public artworks that were incorporated into buildings of that era and which can still be seen throughout Grimsby.

I was thrilled to meet the artist commissioned for several of these projects at an exceptional exhibition ‘Harold Gosney: A Retrospective’ hosted at the Muriel Barker Gallery at the Heritage Centre and celebrating 60 years of the artists work.


Harold is the artist responsible for those intriguing reliefs on the car park and also many others including the large Grimsby seal sited on the front of the Main Grimsby Library entrance and the Grim and Havelock themed copper relief on the side of the Wilkos in the Old Market Place. Some of the drawings and designs for these sculptures form part of the current exhibition.

The centrepiece of the exhibition comes not in the form of the public works of which there are many but in the shape of a life size fifteen hand high horse and its naked male rider, which greets you at the entrance of the Heritage Centre and which, according to the artist, was inspired by the Games of Ancient Greece. The sculpture portrays a Greek warrior who has just completed a race. Upstairs in the Gallery itself sits its wooden twin.
This remarkable structure, originally carved to act as a form on which to make the finished copper piece, stands now as an impressive sculpture in its own right.


Harold, now in his late seventies, must be one of the finest living artists in Britain but, as a modest man who has never sought celebrity, he must also be one of the most unsung. His work is often inspired by classical and renaissance art and themes drawn from ancient and modern mythologies.

The human form and the horse dominate his subject matter and can be seen in many of the intriguing and beautiful sculptures and highly sensitive and beautifully executed drawings on display.

It is a body of work which has brought uniqueness to our community and invigorated our public space, providing an intersection between past, present and future.

It has been such a pleasure and a genuine thrill to see his other exceptional work – and for all Grimsby art lovers – this is truly an exhibition not to be missed.

Words by Gill Hadwin


The exhibition runs until Sunday August 2nd and is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 4pm. Closed Mondays except Bank Holidays.

Admission is free and all ages are welcome but children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

For more information call Rachel McWilliam on (01472) 323004 or visit the Fishing Heritage Centre Facebook page.

This review also appears in The Peoples Issue 33 Web Edition

A Warm Welcome To Mouth Almighty

Mouth 01

So here it is, our new baby. Mouth Almighty. Full of listings and arts and events information. If you’ve got events planned for the period April – August ish then let us know and we’ll try and find you some space.

Not just arts either. Sports. Kids’ activities. Education. Talks. Meetings.

In fact just about anything that’s going to be happening that you’d like people to know about.

If you’d like to advertise then we’d love to hear from you too. rates are reasonable and Mouth Almighty is available all over the area!

You can find an online copy of the main edition on this link.



It may be a mystery to the rest of the world but if you’re British then Christmas is synonymous with panto and they’ve got a real cracker of a show for us up at the Auditorium this year.

Starring Kelsey-Beth Crossley, (Scarlett from Emmerdale, Linda Lusardi’s daughter, half sister to the King brothers now mostly departed, do keep up) and our very own Julie Peasgood the show has everything you’d want in a pre Christmas extravaganza – great songs, plenty of slapstick and lots of jokes that go straight over the heads of the little ones but keep the Mums and Dads entertained.

Grimsby 10 - Daniel Whitley as Simple Simon and Mary Viscomi as Jack copy

Comedy comes from Bruce James as Dame Trot and Daniel Whitley as Simple Simon, while Lincoln actress Mary Viscomi is a suitably thigh slapping Jack.

Jack and the Beanstalk promises to be a gigantic family treat this Christmas with lots of singing, dancing and magical moments. The panto will be full of special effects, lots of surprises and some great comedy routines and is a show not to be missed this festive season.


You can find this page and lots more in The Peoples Issue 31 Web Edition

Jazz Prom At The Minster

jazz prom

The Grimsby Jazz Prom at The Minster on Saturday 18th October, proved a resounding success as a packed audience watched and listened to an afternoon of quality music.


During the interval they were able to enjoy a High Tea of equally high quality sandwiches and cakes, served by a courageous band of volunteer helpers!

The funky New York Brass Band began the afternoon in St James Square entertaining a large crowd, before leading them into the Minster. The New Orleans inspired Brass Band is a powerhouse seven piece with a line up of percussion, sax, trumpets, trombones and sousaphone. They played typical New Orleans street music, but have a repertoire that ranges from Marvin Gaye to George Michael to Tom Jones, with some funky, gritty northern originals thrown in for good measure.


This set the mood for a great afternoon of music. They were followed by Steel The Rhythm, a fifteen piece steel band run by MAPAS and led by Lisa Oliver who performed amazing new music written by guitarist Pat McCarthy. Pat also played with the group.

The finale was the fantastic Gypsy Jazz six piece Ultraswing, with accordion, violin, vocals, two guitars and bass. Their repertoire draws tunes from the great Django Reinhardt, French chanson and the current continental players of jazz manouche.

Words by Jazz Prom organiser Gill Wilde of Grimsby Jazz

This article and more pictures are in Issue 30 of The Peoples Web Edition

Ha Ha! Hood With Cannon and Ball Comes To The Auditorium


If you’re looking for a pre-Christmas treat for all the family and a great night’s entertainment with loads of laughs then you can’t go wrong with Ha Ha Hood!, a deliciously twisted take on the tale of Robin Hood, starring Cannon and Ball and Su Pollard, which rides into the Grimsby Auditorium on Thursday 25th September.

The show recounts previously undocumented adventures of Robin Hood and Maid Marion set long after the ordinary story books usual storybook writers had put down their pens, as the couple, who have just been through a messy divorce are forced to put aside their differences and join forces to fight the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and his henchmen. Ha Ha Hood! And The Prince of Leaves is the latest hilarious production from the Ha Ha! team who brought us Ha Ha Holmes!, Ha Ha Hitler! and Ha Ha Hamlet! and it’s guaranteed to be just as funny and its predecessors.


This year Cannon and Ball are celebrating forty years since their first television appearance and a whopping fifty years together as a duo. The Cannon and Ball Show ran for nine hugely successful years and they have two sitcoms and numerous theatre and pantomime appearances under their belts, not forgetting, of course, their hilarious stint on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here.

Tickets can be purchased from Grimsby Auditorium on telephone 0844 8713016 or on the web at